Murphy, Neel & Co. – est. 1880

1220 Front Street, Fort Benton, MT

The historic Murphy, Neel & Co. Building has been stoically standing on the corner of 13th and Front Street since December 1880. The company, originally one of the three largest freighters in the territory, floated supplies up the Missouri River on steamboats, and unloaded here in Fort Benton to be sold to the droves of settlers and miners planning to make their mark in North West Territory.

Since 2008 we have been taking steps to revive the building, through the process have developed a cooperative of local, wellness professionals committed to providing resources that focus on, improving the health and wellbeing of our community.  Our calendar of events includes workshops and classes in Stress Management, Massage Therapy, Music, Essential Oils and Relaxation. For updates on our events and ever-expanding offerings, please subscribe to our newsletter.  We hope to bring traditional wellness activities to our community, reaching out to as many people as have an interest.

Along with the Wellness Center we also offer our beautifully refurbished space to anyone looking to host an event, it’s near the river and conveniently located in downtown, a beautiful and historic place.

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