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Authentic Heart Yoga takes an approach to teaching that helps people understand how to use their bodies and breath to unwind the tension and anxiety that a busy life creates. We hope to teach how yoga helps to uncover the emotional resilience, physical strength, confidence and calm you are seeking, bringing more gratitude and appreciation into your life. Yoga means “union” or “joining together” we are all connected we are one.

Nichole Reynolds, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT) 2014

Nichole is certified through Nancy Ruby’s YogaMotion Yoga Teacher Training Program in Bozeman, MT.  She has been practicing Yoga herself for 10+ years. Over the years, she has committed to Yoga as a lifestyle and continual study, exploring the extraordinary health benefits that Yoga provides for mind, body & soul. It is her lifelong intention to share the power of Yoga with her community. She is also dedicated to making practice more accessible to all levels through hands-on personal education. If you are interested, come give it a try! When practiced with awareness, Yoga speaks for itself.

The multi-level yoga classes offered at Authentic Heart Yoga recognizes that not all students progress at the same rate mentally or physically.  Multi-levels allow you to see where you can go with poses while encouraging you to be where you are in your practice.  It provides a safe, coached place to experiment as your strength and flexibility increases.

Multi-level flow yoga gives options for the major poses within each flow, giving you alternatives so that you can practice the way it suites your body best.  Whether it is variations in the experience of those practicing or an individual that wants to adjust their practice to fit their personal needs.

Every yoga pose can be broken down.  Nichole knows the action of the pose.  Is it a twist, a side pose, a forward, or back bend?  What are the arms and legs doing in relation to space? What are the legs doing in relation to the pelvis?  What are the arms doing in relation to the shoulder girdle?  Nikki knows how to identify the foundation of each pose and can break it down for all levels of students. She teaches variations in the context of these building blocks and every yoga student at every level can learn from where they are in their practice and can benefit from the pose.  In this environment students learn more about yoga than where to put their hands and feet.  This kind of learning is exciting.  People can see where a pose comes from and where it’s going.  With this interactive level of understanding you are being taught individualized yoga, not just being given instructions.

Prepaid payment options available. $10 drop-in fee. Please contact Nichole Reynolds at 406-836-1191 or

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