Relaxation and meditation are an important part of wellness, it offers techniques to help relax the body and the mind. Some of the benefits through these breathing exercises include decreasing stress levels.  Stress is a physical, cognitive and emotional perception of the pressures felt during trying times.  While some stress can be useful, excessive or long-term stress starts to wear on the body, mind and spirit.  Stress has been linked to many physical diseases and mental health problems, from heart attacks to anxiety and depression. Progressive relaxation and guided visualization are two methods which counter the short and long-term effects of stress and have been offered through many hospitals, it can be used as both a preventative practice or once stress is already experienced can be used to ease the effects.

There are so many benefits that can be gained for the health of the body and mind through mindfulness and meditation, better digestion, improved concentration levels, relaxation of the nervous system, release of emotional tension, increased immune function, improved sleep patterns, boosted energy levels, strengthened lungs, stronger heart and elevated mood thus rejuvenating the entire body.

Ryan Rominger, Ph.D. ACSGC

Ryan has been trained as a Spiritual Director, Expressive Arts practicioner, and Group Projective Dream Worker. He has received his Masters and Doctoral degrees in psychology and is dedicated to educating his clients to use progressive relaxation as part of their daily life.

Ryan uses progressive relaxation, tailored to each individual. Through the process of tensing and relaxing parts of the body, verbally inducing relaxation through listening to and following a series of breathing and concentration exercises, he invites each individual to take a visual journey leading to a greater sense of relaxation. This process focuses on gaining information and support from one’s subconscious, much like a dream, through images or audio messages.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

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