Our JULY Wellness Workshop with Fort Benton Memorial Ambulance…


Wellness  Workshop  with Fort Benton Memorial Ambulance

Tuesday May 24th  from 7pm – 8pm

Marni Thompson has been a Soil Conservationist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NCRS) for the past 18 years and currently provides assistance to 17 field offices in north central Montana.  She is passionate about improving the health of our soils and loves to indoctrinate anyone interested. She has practiced her own no-till garden for the last four years.

As part of this workshop she will share a soil demonstration and the step by step process of a no-till garden. Marni will cover four concepts of improving soil health, decreasing disturbance, increasing diversity, living roots in the soil, and keeping the soil covered.  She will discuss each concept and how applying these concepts to gardening will improve the soil.

JenImageWellness  Wednesday- In Partnership with Fort Benton Memorial Ambulance

Wednesday April 27th  from  7 pm – 8 pm

“Wellness Wednesday talks provide an informal introduction to daily practices designed to help us manage stress and promote health, wellness, and balance in our lives. This month, Ryan Rominger, PhD and Jenn Moore Mehmke, Breathe Peace will lead the discussion. No prior experience required. Come curious and leave relaxed!”


Expressive Arts for Health and Wholeness

Saturday April 23rd  from 10 am – 2 pm

Ever want to learn tools to help you stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy? Want to reduce stress, increase positive emotions, work on dream imagery, or simply take time for personal reflection? Expressive art offers a way to use different art media to explore our inner worlds. This 4-hour workshop introduces basic EA orientation and techniques to help you establish a foundation for further self-exploration in the service of health and wholeness.

Murphy Neel Building, 1220 Front Street, Fort Benton, MT 59442

Lunch and art supplies provided.


Limited availability.

*Note: No prior art experience necessary. This workshop is for artist and non-artist alike!

Contact Ryan Rominger to reserve your spot today! or 650-219-5016


The Murphy, Neel & Co. Building promotes a philosophy of well being.  We encourage anyone who is interested in sharing to be in contact with us, we are happy to promote anything that can lead to a healthier and more balanced life.


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